Health & Safety

is our priority

COVID-19 Health and Safety protocols delivered with excellence and designed to keep all of our students, families and teachers safe.

Temperature Requirement:

We hold to the 100-temperature threshold; before returning to care, children must remain symptom, and medication free for 72 hours.

No Shoe Policy:

To minimize the introduction of germs; staff and students remove their “outdoor shoes” upon arrival and change into their “indoor shoes”.

Building Access:

Building access is limited to students, authorized staff & touchless tours; for our families convenience we’re offering safe and efficient lobby/door drop-off and pick-up.

Health Check:

All staff and students have their temperature checked upon arrival.

Personal Items:

All student nap and personal items are washed daily to minimize the spread of germs.

Meals & Snacks:

All meals and snacks are provided in-house to minimize potential home to school transfer of germs.

Surface Cleaning:

Our center’s shared surfaces and spaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized throughout the day with deep cleanings happening each evening and weekend.


All toys, manipulative, and equipment are systematically cleaned and sanitized throughout the day and in between uses. We use a net zero disinfectant fogger at the end of every day to sanitize all surfaces, furniture and materials.


High priority is placed on frequency and proper technique of handwashing upon arrival and throughout the day.

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We have proudly served children of essential workers during the COVID-19 crisis and have recently extended our services to include care for all families.

Our qualified, caring and COVID-19 trained staff members continue to deliver health and safety practices that ensure a clean, safe, and healthy learning environment.